Message by Mrs Susanne Wong,
JP, District Officer (Central and Western)

Organised for the twelfth year since 1983, the triennial Central and Western District Festival (the Festival), with “Playful Families in the Central and Western District” as the theme this year, aims to bring the three messages of “youth development” , “good parent-child relationship” and “participation in community affairs” to residents of the Central and Western District through an array of activities.

Creativity and innovation are important in this age, where children are encouraged to enrich their living and experience, youngsters to put their vision into action. In this connection, we hope, by consolidating district resources such as providing venues and promotional support, that youngsters are given the opportunities to design funny parent-child activities covering a range of social issues for participation of families with children in the district. Participants may reach out to the community to discover the local landmarks, acquire problem solving skills and exercise their imaginations. In addition to the parent-child activities to be organised during and after the Festival, we also support the social enterprise’s efforts in providing more information on parent-child learning and understanding the community via Facebook (e.g. “Don Hau Jai” Facebook) in a bid to promote resources sharing. A guide, designed to provide information on parent-child activities in the community on the obverse side and turn into paper game at the back, is also published for this year’s festival to allow parents and children to exercise their imaginations to explore the local landmarks together through senses of hearing and smell. With the support of the kai fong associations, the education sector, the business sector and the social service sector in the district, as well as the boundless innovation of youngsters, we are able to achieve the vision of rallying efforts of all sectors for resources sharing.

It is an enormous challenge to organise such a large-scale event combining traditional concepts with innovative ideas in a great diversity of activities. With the support of the Central and Western District Council, enthusiasm and dedication of the Organizing Committee, generous donation of sponsors and patrons, concerted efforts of local personalities and active participation of social enterprises, I am confident that the Festival will be a great success under the cross-sectoral collaboration.

Families and members of the public are all welcome to join us and have fun together.

Message by Mr Yip Wing-shing, BBS, MH, JP, Chairman of the Central and Western District Council and Chairman of the 12th Central and Western District Festival Organizing Committee

The 12th Central and Western District Festival (the Festival), with “Playful Families in the Central and Western District” as the theme this year, will be held between November 2016 and January 2017. With particular emphasis on parent-child relationship, the Festival, aiming to harmonize the unique local character with the community through a wide range of activities in arts and culture, recreation and sports for children, youngsters and elders, is suitable for all ages.

The Central and Western District Council has always been supportive of the efforts of the Organizing Committee of the Festival. A total funding allocation of more than $ 1 million this year is even higher than in the past. It is hoped that the activities of the Festival to be held in the months ahead will foster public understanding of the culture and history of the Central and Western District, thereby deepening their sense of belonging to the district, devoting more care to and injecting positive energy in society.

Both government departments and the District Council have all along been caring about youth development. Young people are the future pillars of our society and invaluable asset to Hong Kong. They are innovative, tenacious and eager to explore. We hope that they can move forward to open up a new horizon by combining their innovativeness and passion in helping the needy. With concerted efforts, they can build up our society, contribute to the community and make Hong Kong a better place for us all. This year, a number of young people full of vigour and vitality have been invited to join the Organizing Committee to make an effort to serve the community.

With the promotion by the community, the business sector and the Government, I am confident that the 12 th Central and Western District Festival, striving to continue to promote the remarkable history and culture of the district in the spirit of harmony and vitality, is going to be a great success I invite you all to participate in an array of activities to experience yourselves the unique character of the Central and Western District of blending the old with the new, and spend good times with family and friends.

Message by Mr Stephen YIP, BBS, MH, JP,
Adviser of the 12th Central and Western District Festival

The 12 th Central and Western District Festival (the Festival) will bring a series of spectacular winter events to residents of the Central and Western District under the concerted leadership of the Central and Western District Office, the Central and Western District Council and the Organizing Committee, coupled with the active preparation of eleven highly motivated directors and selfless dedication of time and efforts of dozens of deputy directors and members.

Social enterprises have been growing rapidly in recent years. The number of social enterprises has more than doubled in just a few years, and the types of businesses and objectives have become increasingly diversified. In view of this, we have invited various social enterprises to co-organise the activities this year to allow them to put their innovative ideas into the Festival and community, while empowering the social enterprises and strengthening public awareness through cross-sectoral collaboration, so as to establish a new caring culture in the community.

In the course of raising funds for the activities, I deeply feel the care and enthusiasm of the Organizing Committee and sponsors towards the community. They have actively made use of their strengths and experiences for the benefit of the community. Thanks to the example they have set, more young people are so inspired and motivated to participate in community affairs in future.

I believe that with the support of all sectors, institutions and government departments, this year's festival will be more attractive and successful than ever.

Message by Mr NG Siu-keung, MH, JP,
Executive Chairman of the 12th Central and Western District Festival Organizing Committee

I am honoured to be the Executive Chairman of the 12 th Central and Western District Festival (the Festival) Organizing Committee. The triennial event will kick off with a grand opening ceremony on 20 November 2016. This year, the Festival aims at fostering good parent- child relationship, giving prime concern to youth development and encouraging participation in community affairs, thereby building a caring and harmonious society.

By incorporating the element of parent-child relationship into a spectrum of activities, such as parent-child sports competitions, parent- child reading zone, parent-child dance and movement workshop, we hope to enhance communication and promote harmony and care among family members, so that they will together contribute to building a happy family.

In addition, an array of activities suitable for all ages, such as city hunt, film appreciation activities, interactive theatre, Cantonese opera promotional programmes and photo competition, will be organised for different sectors of our community for the enjoyment and participation of all.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to members of the Organizing Committee, the Central and Western District Council, various government departments, sponsors, organisations and local personalities for their dedicated efforts and contribution in organising the Festival. I would also like to thank the two Executive vice-chairmen of the Organizing Committee, Mr HA Chung-kin, MH, (responsible for raising funds, auditing the use of funds, public relations and publicity of the Festival) and Mr LI Chun-man, (coordinator) for their support and planning efforts to make the preparatory work much easier. With your concerted efforts and active participation, I am sure that the Festival will be a great success.